Available courses

Learn about Centralization and Decentralization, the meaning of each, their structures and meanings.

In this business and management course, you will develop a strong understanding of how firms compete by learning about important analytical approaches that underlie business strategy.

This course is designed to help you, comprehend the changes that need to be made in this modern world's marketing strateg. We are living in a digital world and new tools create new  opportunities for our PR and Marketing, tools that will be covered in this course.

This course covers Centralization and Decentralization and explores the meanings, structures and differences.

This course will explore the levels of management, categories and functions of each level. We also cover delegation, administration and roles of managers at various levels of management. 

Exploring the basic principles of economica by understanding money and its evolution through the years. The course will examine the monetary standards, talk about rate of interste and also the theory of money.

This  course will examine the basic management function which includes formulation of one or more detailed plans to achieve optimum balance of needs or demands with the available resources.

This course is an introduction on Human Resource Management. 

Influence and persuasion extend beyond marketing and sales. It impacts almost all company procedures requiring human resources. This Persuasion training course enables master the abilities needed to impact and convince others in a multitude of fields.

This course gives you a collection of practical skills and instruments to make you an efficient negotiator that provides better outcomes for your organization, builds superior company relationships and adheres to your principles.

The Business Writing Skills course is designed to develop the ability to plan and create well-presented business letters, memos & reports, which are key to efficient and productive Business Correspondence. If you are looking to improve and enhance both the quality and impact of their work, then join this course today!